We’re group of friends reunited by common passion – the bikes.
They are intrinsically linked to our lives.
Through we all work together, each of us have different cycling background. From teams & trips organizing, through distribution and sell, to design and production and of course the riding itself.
Cycling is what sparks our creativity and inspires us to design both comfortable and stylish apparel that makes each ride a unique experience.

Even though our brand name TROFEO. consists of only one word it have different meanings – same as word „cycling” has multiple facets.
You can ride your mountain bike on the road and take your road bike to the mountains. Many of us aim to win the competitions and strive for excellence, while others are longing to catch this volatile feeling, waiting at the top of a mountain pass or somewhere in between of a country road, under the full southern sun or chilly morning breeze.
The reward is always there, somewhere at the end of the path we choose, not necessarily in a form of golden trophy.

Cycling go way beyond borders, but it simply differs from country to country, terrain or climate.
At our work we get inspiration from everyday life and our reality: the colours that surround us, the emotions, experiences. We live here and now, but we also embrace the diversity of the world.
Using local manufacture guarantees the highest production standards and thanks to the Italian fabrics and pads we use the quality of materials is outstanding.

We live close by.
Sometimes we greet each other by a simple nod of a head, other times we flick the elbow to let others know it’s their turn to pull through.
We will be happy to help you out when you get a flat tire but we would use some wheel too at the times when the head wind is too strong. If you wish to take a selfie with us or just passing by – don’t hesitate to drop by to our store Stylowa.PRO located at Wiertnicza 69A in Warsaw.

Get what you aim for.